Secure Deliveries for Financial Institutions

Connect India Offers Secure Deliveries to Financial Institutions such as Banks and various Government Authorities

A bank account is the modern day prerequisite to any business transaction. The role of banks and other financial institutions has grown tremendously over time. As a result, the frequency and volume of these secured documents correspondence from the banks to their customers is much higher than ecommerce deliveries. Yet,as the name suggests, these deliveries are required to be safe, secure and confidential. The Reserve Bank of India regulates and authorizes select logistics companies based on their specific protocols to execute such secure document deliveries.

The contents of these deliveries include your debit and credit cards, PIN Nos., chequebooks, pan cards, passports, aadhar cards and more.

Connect India is duly authorized by the RBI to undertake and execute the last mile delivery of secure documents from government bodies, banks and other financial institutions. Our extensive physical network with the 1 x 1 sq km grid penetration offers ease in the last mile delivery. The shipments can be tracked efficiently from the moment they leave the source organization right down to the final doorstep delivery. The last mile convenience model also ensures a level of trust and familiarity between the Connect India Centres and recipients of the shipments.