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Connect India at IRMA, Anand

Sandesh Newspaper

Translation in English.
Sandesh news Coverage – IRMA
No Benefit for Implementing Only FDI : Yashwant Sinha
In the presence of Mr. Yashwant Sinha(Former Finance Minister), Mr. Nandkumar (Chairman NDDB), Mr. Sodhi (MD,GCMFF) & Mr. L R Sridhar (Founder – MD, Connect India), has addressed their buddhijeevi thoughts for Rural Digitalization and Development in IRMA’s Business festival called UDAAN’2015.
Mr. Yashwant Sinha addressed GST and Financial Inclusion & told, Students has the big responsibility towards Rural Development, faster Connectivity to Improve their standard of living.
He added, Only FDI is not the parameter to improve the Rural, there are other aspect also to be more focused.
Mr. LR Sridhar (Founder –MD, Connect India) addressed the students of his Company’s model – He added that how his company’s vision is to Improve Rural by utilizing the CSC E-Governance of Villages, His one of the major focus area is to empowered the Women and small scale businesses by connecting them through technology and faster logistics. He told that Connect India will train the Rural people to make good income of the things which they are good in Producing, If the Rural people’s Parcel Skill gets improved then they will get good confidence, Source of income, Employment. Lastly, Connect India is planning to Open 50,000 Outlets throughout Rural and Urban India.