Connect India is a movement born on account of the necessity for providing a level playing field in logistics by reaching the unreached. Our vision is to create a pan India last mile delivery network covering 25000 pin codes by leveraging the existing economic assets such as the brick and mortar retailer and the digital India platform by engaging in a robust mobile first technology. Our target is to appoint 50,000 last mile delivery entrepreneurs as Connect India Centers (CICs), who in turn will provide employment to 200,000 plus delivery associates from their local communities in the next 3 years.

Our pan India outreach is designed to provide logistics access to one and all from e –commerce companies to a small household enterprise. The idea is to develop a neighborhood convenience model of 1 sq. km delivery areas for urban markets and last mile access for rural markets. The last mile delivery will be affected through walk or cycle, which will not only reduce cost of delivery but also be environmentally positive. At Connect India, we believe, that a reliable and robust micro-logistic pipeline with dedicated vans on pre-determined routes in a time definite manner can encourage small brown box commerce, wherein, households, and small and medium enterprises can fuel their growth through the digital market place. Our objective is to create a better opportunity for these businesses and encourage them to bring best in design and packaging solutions. Thus, promoting large-scale livelihoods and encourage reverse brain drain to the villages, as many who come to urban India are keen to go back to their roots, only if, they get a fair business opportunity back home.

We plans to collaborate with different like-minded agencies and brands to build a truly inclusive India by promoting brown box commerce with a 360 degree approach which is only complete by enabling cash management for the business on a same day basis.We will encourage Rural Enterprise (Re) Commerce disrupting the logistics market by aggregating logistics and promoting more logistic capacities in rural and urban India in an integrated manner.